Thursday, December 09, 2004

Who is on First?

I just noticed this little quote from one of Bill Ladson's recent beat columns:

"If the Nationals have an outfield of Sledge, Endy Chavez and Guillen, and Wilkerson plays first base, that would mean Nick Johnson would be on the bench."

I don't know who is source is, but if this is true, the Nationals are just screwing themselves. Really, is there any justification for believing Sledge or Endy-freakin'-Chavez is a better player than Nick Johnson? And this just has me more worried that Endy will be starting next year. And I could see Frank filling the 1 and 2 holes of the lineup with Endy and Guzman to form one of the worst twosomes in recent history.

I hope Ladson is just speculating and has no actual information.


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