Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What the Team is Looking Like

The starting lineup for the Nationals is looking something like this:

C B. Schneider
1B N. Johnson
2B J. Vidro
3B V. Castilla
SS C. Guzman
LF B. Wilkerson
CF E. Chavez (assuming he is re-signed)
RF J. Guillen

The starting rotation probably is something like this:

L. Hernandez
T. Ohka
Z. Day
S. Kim
J. Patterson/J. Rauch/T. Armas

I'm really not sure if Kim is secure or how health considerations will factor into things, but those seven players will probably fill the five rotation slots.

The bullpen has a few useful pieces

C. Cordero
L. Ayala
J. Eischen
T. J. Tucker

Basically, the team needs SP improvement and a quality CF. I'd say 3B and SS were areas of need as well, but we are stuck with Guzman and Castilla. As much as I like Nick Johnson, his health means we could use more OF depth (presuming Wilkerson slides to 1B when Nick is out). So, a better than average 4th OF would also be nice.


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