Monday, November 22, 2004

Frank Robinson

For the time being, Frank Robinson is the manager of the Nationals.

I'm not particularly thrilled with this decision because Robinson seems to share Bowden's blind spots when it comes to player evaluation. Robinson's team was 23rd in MLB in BB's and 29th in OBP last year. Nick Johnson, Brad Wilkerson, Brian Schneider, and Jose Vidro have decent walk totals and plate patience, but the signings of Castilla and Guzman really move the Nationals in the hack-a-riffic direction. Robinson has a record of favoring "aggressive" hitters and has said too much patience is a bad thing (which is of course a tautology, since anything that is "too much" is "bad"). I'm worried that with Bowden's love of traditional metrics and free-swinging players and Robinson's favoring of that approach that the Nationals will turn into the Diamondbacks without the pitching.


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