Monday, November 22, 2004

Bowden Talks

And to confirm that Bowden has no clue, he offered these gems:

"What I especially like about Guillen is that, at the age of 28, his best days are clearly ahead of him." - "Clearly" Bowden is unaware that players normally peak at 27 and that more likely than not Guillen's best days are behind him. I'll be interested to his PECOTA forecast because free-swingers usually don't age well.

"Cristian Guzman is a critical part of the future of the Washington franchise. You never see a winning team without a good shortstop.... Cristian is only 26 years old. He has been on a division winner the last three years. He has tremendous range. It doesn't show up in statistics, but baseball people know what it means to win baseball games." - Oh, brother. Bowden doesn't even ownership looking over his shoulder and he is already defending his decisions by say "baseball people know." Maybe Bowden should look up Luis Sojo's number.

"He has never scratched the surface on what he's capable of doing offensively, but he's only 26 years old. He will develop into a hitter in time. He has been decent—he hit [.274] last year. But he can do a lot more than what he has done. To be able to get a shortstop at this age, with the potential that he has, is a great first start for the Washington franchise." - Maybe Bowden missed the first 3277 AB's that prove otherwise. If Guzman didn't "scratch the surface" in six full seasons in the majors, what would possibly lead a GM to believe he would find it now?


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